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Infinity Tattoo

For many of us the tattoo represents a decision or a point in our life that we want to remember, or be remembered by. Because of the fact that the tattoo is a permanent marking on our skin, the ones who choose to add a tattoo to their body, usually take a little while before paying a visit to the tattoo parlor. Recently, the Infinity Tattoo has taken off in popularity and although they all tend to mean the same thing, this particular tattoo represents the largest expression and the longest time available. There are several variations to the infinity, here are just a few to think about.

pib pinterest Infinity TattooInfinity Tattoo designe main Infinity Tattoo

As human beings we seem to have different ideas about what looks good, but when it comes to this tattoo, there are many Infinity tattoo ideas for the recipient to choose from. Some of the designs you can choose from are:

  • Wrist band shapes with combination names
  • Simple designs that are used to symbolize friendship between a group of people
  • Designs that may be a little more personal, like his and hers or very close friends
  • Designs for individual names, either your own or someone close to you
  • Infinity designs that are incorporated with something else, like a heart.

pib pinterest Infinity TattooInfinity Tattoo on neck Infinity TattooInfinity Tattoo on neck

If you were to look at a few Infinity tattoo pictures you would be convinced that individuals who choose these tattoos are intent on sharing something special with those who see them. For instance, if you see someone sporting one of these tattoos on their finger, it may just be a momentum that they believe that they need. More often than not, a friend or someone very close to them have one just like it somewhere on their body. A tattoo with 2 or more names coupled with the infinity symbol usually suggests that someone near to them has passed away and the recipient wants to keep their memory alive and close to them.

pib pinterest Infinity TattooInfinity tattoo Idea for Couples Infinity Tattoo

Infinity tattoo Idea for Couples

An Infinity Tattoo does not necessarily have to be in your face in order for it to be effective, in fact, some people prefer to keep their tattoos hidden, which could be for sentimental or personal reasons. Some of these tattoos can be found on:

  1. The wrist
  2. The ankle
  3. Various locations of the torso
  4. Behind the neck
  5. On one of the shoulder blades
  6. The arm
  7. The side of the neck
  8. One of the fingers, usually the index or the ring finger

pib pinterest Infinity TattooFeather Infinity Tattoo Design Infinity Tattoo

Feather Infinity Tattoo Design

Although it is a good idea to look at some of the Infinity tattoo ideas already out there, that does not necessarily mean that you cannot come up with a few of your own. Your tattoo can be small and dainty or big and bold, depending on your personality or the statement you are attempting to make. You can incorporate several infinity loops into one, or make a simple infinity design that simply says that you love someone. Your tattoo can be basic black, a combination of colors, or any other single color, even your favorite color will be an acceptable choice.

pib pinterest Infinity TattooFeather Infinity Tattoo Love designe Infinity Tattoo

Tattoos are not for everyone, but people who decide they want one have usually made up their mind, the only thing left to do is to look at a few Infinity tattoo pictures to see if one of them meets with their approval. There is one more important factor that needs to be considered when you choose a tattoo and that is the fact that it will be there for the rest of your life. It would be ironic for someone to choose an infinity tattoo, especially since that is how long they will have the tattoo with them, so choose wisely.